The Discipline

Il SimboloThe center Garuda aims to convey yoga following a line of traditional teaching, as it is handed down in India in Bihar School of Yoga, founded by Swami Satyananda and Bihar Yoga Bharati, currently led by his disciple Paramahansa Niranjananda, the only university yoga in the world, recognized by the Indian state. Ancient discipline born in India, yoga is the result of millennia of a large group of scientists, mystics, ascetics and great masters, which have long passed on their teachings by oral tradition and only much later also in writing, up to to the present day through different currents, which share a single goal: the totality of man. Yoga is not a religion, but a system of knowledge and practice together, a vision of life and the universe that involves all levels of existence. The word Yoga is derived from the root yuj, which in Sanskrit means to yoke, but also tie together, hold tight. The etymology clearly expresses the idea of ​​a discipline and a tool to unite, to integrate all aspects of human nature. Union of body, mind and spirit. But union of man with the nature kingdoms animal, vegetable, mineral elements, earth, water, fire and air. Bond of our planet to the galaxy that hosts it, links with other galaxies and other worlds.

The practice of Yoga

The practice of yoga part of the body to get to the emotions, intellect, intuition and the search for the infinite, so that the human microcosm can merge with the universal macrocosm. Yoga is emerging worldwide as one of the most effective tools to ensure health, both physical and mental and spiritual realization to humans of all ages. What characterizes it is not only its practical aspect, but also its structure esoteric and initiatory, which still requires a direct teaching from teacher to student. The approach to the tradition is very diverse and fall into different categories, but the deeper meaning is to lead man along a path of awareness and freedom from suffering, aimed at achieving a state of dependence and harmony, of balance in any business, also developing a social consciousness that matures in universal love.